Legal editing

Dr Linda Nix AE is a specialist legal editor who was trained in-house at CCH Australia Ltd and worked in both editorial and non-editorial capacities at Federation Press, before setting up Golden Orb Creative. Current clients include LexisNexis Australia, the Council for Law Reporting in New South Wales, and private law firms.

Select portfolio

Control of Government Action: Text, Cases and Commentary 5th ed
Robin Creyke, Matthew Groves, John McMillan, Mark Smyth
1310 pages, LexisNexis 2019

“Our book was difficult — long, complex and with more references and technical stuff than four different authors could manage.  The speed and attention to detail in your work was incredible. You consistently picked up things we had missed, worked around the clock to meet a deadline we thought we could not make and helped us produce something we are truly proud of. Our book could not have happened without you.” Matthew Groves, Professor of Public Law, La Trobe Law School, 26 September 2018

Legal Usage: A Modern Style Guide
Peter Butt
710 pages, LexisNexis 2018

“Linda Nix AE, of Golden Orb Creative, … edited the manuscript with an exceptionally keen eye for detail and an admirable knowledge of grammar and etymology.” Peter Butt, Emeritus Professor of Law, University of Sydney, September 2017 (Preface, p vii)

Laying Down the Law 10th ed
Robin Creyke, David Hamer, Patrick O'Mara, Belinda Smith, Tristan Taylor
690 pages, LexisNexis 2017

“Linda Nix … has shown equal attention to layout and the readability of the text, and [her] ability to critique content is valued by the authors.” (Preface, p xiv)

The Law of Affidavits
John Levingston
368 pages, Federation Press 2013

Environmental and Planning Law in New South Wales 3rd ed
Rosemary Lyster, Zada Lipman, Nicola Franklin, Graeme Wiffen and Linda Pearson
Federation Press 2012

Work Health and Safety Regulation in Australia: The Model Act
Richard Johnstone and Michael Tooma
Federation Press 2012

Public and Environmental Health Law
Christopher Reynolds
Federation Press 2011

Residential Tenancies: Law and Practice New South Wales 5th ed
Allan Anforth, Peter Christensen and Bill Taylor
Federation Press 2011

Safety, Security, Health and Environmental Law 2nd ed
Michael Tooma
Federation Press 2011

The Law of Politics: Elections, Parties and Money in Australia
Graeme Orr
Federation Press 2010