Levels and Rates

Most editing is charged at an hourly rate, which varies depending on the level of editing and the nature of the project. Rates below are provided as a guide only, so talk to us today to obtain a quote on your specific project.

Manuscript assessment

Manuscript assessments are provided to give authors feedback on their work, such as structure, language, voice, character, plot, and style, as well as suitability for the target market. Assessments are brief in nature and highlight a manuscript's strengths and weaknesses for the author to address. (That is, they do not provide the level of detailed assistance gained from a structural or copy edit.)

Rate: AU $300 to $500 (+ GST if applicable) for simple fiction narratives of 40,000–70,000 words. Longer or more complex works of fiction and non-fiction works need to be sighted for quotation.

Development editing

For projects that are in their infancy or are foundering, and need professional guidance on development, we can provide you with a quick assessment and advice on direction, or with ongoing development editing.

Rate: AU $70-90/hr or flat rate project fee (+ GST if applicable)

Structural editing

“Substantive editing (sometimes called structural or content editing) aims to ensure that the structure, content, language, style and presentation of the document are suitable for its intended purpose and readership.” (Definition from the IPED website.)

Rate: AU $60-80/hr or flat rate project fee (+ GST if applicable)

Copy editing

“Copyediting aims to achieve accuracy, clarity and consistency in a document. It does not involve significant rewriting, providing a single authorial voice, or tailoring text to a specific audience—these belong to a substantive edit.” (Definition from the IPED website.)

Achieving “accuracy, clarity and consistency” involves correcting and advising on syntax, grammar, spelling, punctuation, heading levels. We can also do fact checking and citation styling.

Rate: AU $60-80/hr (+ GST if applicable)

Proofreading and fact checking

“Proofreading (usually called this, but, more accurately, known as verification editing) involves checking that the document is ready to be published. It includes making sure that all elements of the document are included and in the proper order, all amendments have been inserted, the house or other set style has been followed, and all spelling or punctuation errors have been deleted.” (Definition from the IPED website.)

Rate: AU $40-60/hr (+ GST if applicable)

Combined editing services

Sometimes editing levels can be combined, for example, it is common to combine a structural and copy edit, or a copy edit and a proofread. The level needed usually depends on the state of the content. Before beginning work, we will advise whether the requested level of editing is suitable for the content. For example, if you request proofreading but we detect significant structural issues, we will let you know in advance.