Golden Orb Creative provides publishing industry information and services evaluation for authors and small publishers needing assistance in navigating today's publishing landscape.

Our knowledge is gained from first-hand experience in the publishing industry, and from running our own imprint, Lacuna:

Synopsis writing

Sometimes authors struggle with writing a synopsis of their work, whether for submission to publishers or agents, or in developing a marketing blurb, usually because they are too "close" to their own writing.

We can assist in drafting your manuscript's synopsis, abstract or blurb.

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Publishing services

We can assist you in understanding the processes involved in publishing and provide information tailored to your content and your publishing needs. The initial consultation is free and a quote will be provided according to the scope of your requirements and your budget.

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Editing + Production

For an integrated, seamless production process that saves you time and money, take advantage of our combined editing and production services. Just ask!

Project management

Golden Orb Creative can provide project management for your content for each of the development, editing, production and publishing stages, or for the entire process from start to finish.