Publishing services

We can assist you in understanding the processes involved in publishing and provide information tailored to your content and your publishing needs. The initial consultation is free and a quote will be provided according to the scope of your requirements and your budget.

Book publishing comprises at least 9 key processes:

  1. Writing and development.
  2. Structural editing.
  3. Copy editing.
  4. Production. 
  5. Proofreading, validation and testing. 
  6. Cover design.
  7. Marketing.
  8. Distribution. 
  9. Sales and payments processing. 

Golden Orb Creative can assist directly with any or all of the first 6 processes in publishing. Together, these are the processes needed to bring a work to the point it is ready for distribution to the market. See our EditingProduction and Imaging pages for more information about these services.

The remaining processes – marketing, distribution and sales – belong to publishing. Golden Orb Creative does not publish books for any kind of fee (sometimes called self-publishing or vanity publishing services).

See also the course we run for authors, From manuscript to publication, through the NSW Writers' Centre.